Recovering Drug Addicted Dr. Gives Michael Jackson “Grave Prognosis”


Mrs. Jackson was not in attendance today as she has been absent during most of the defense’s Case.  Today addiction medicine specialist Dr. Paul Henry Early took to the stand for a second day of questioning. 


Wednesday addiction specialist and recovering heroin addict Dr. Early’s credibility was severely scrutinized by plaintiff’s Kevin Boyle, after saying yesterday that Michael had been playing Russian roulette with each dose of propofol he was given by his doctor back in 2009.


Early was questioned about two blogs he wrote, one, just weeks after Jackson’s death and the other one after Conrad Murray was convicted of manslaughter for the death of the King of Pop.  “Michael Jackson: Addiction and The Privileged” and “Murray Convicted – Addiction Wins”.  The witness says that he did not mean that Michael was addicted, he just wanted to shed some light on the subject and that if he died from a propofol overdose that it would not be a far stretch to say that he was addicted.   The doctor was questioned about guidelines and ethics about diagnosing people in the public eye.   He said he was following the guidelines and did not break any rules.


This is not all the doctor came under fire for.  The doctor says that AEG Live, LLC funded his research on propofol with $53,000, which plaintiffs say created a conflict of interest and they also cite and bring to the court’s attention again, a code of ethics.  Boyle says that the instructions are that he is to add in the research article who funded his research and that it is supposed to be on the title page and the witnesses recognition of AEG Live shows up on the 7th page of his article.  The witness says that he was not trying to hide anything, he followed the guidelines and has no say so on how it is formatted once he submits the article.


Wait, that is not all.  Dr. Early was also asked about his drug addiction.  Yes, drug addiction.  The doctor has an opioid addiction and says that he has used that experience in rendering an opinion in this case, but the doctor was not addicted to pain killers.  The doctors drugs of choice were Oxycodone and the street drug heroin.  The doctor he collaborated with on the research for the article that AEG Live, LLC funded was also a drug addict, lost his license, was convicted of a felony and this was not told by the witness until he said that his partner was in between jobs and plaintiff’s counsel Kevin Boyle dug a little deeper. The witness says he has since earned his license back and is practicing on a probationary status.


Closing arguments should be heard by the week of September 23rd and the jury learned this week that they may be partially sequestered during deliberations.  The defense plans to end early and plaintiff’s counsel Brian Panish says they have a few rebuttal witnesses that should take about three days. 


The trial continues

 Dana Brenklin