Michael Jackson’s Fight For Sleep






Holistic Dr. Cherilyn Lee 


By Dana Brenklin


As fans gathered all over the world to celebrate the king of pop’s birthday, Katherine Jackson and various family members jetted off to his birthplace and the trial continued with Dr. Cherilyn Lee offering a second day of testimony.  As the witness took the stand she apologized for expressing her emotions the previous day.


Defense’s Kathy Cahan continued with her direct examination of the witness.  Lee continues where she left off yesterday, saying she showed Michael Jackson her PDR (physicians desk reference), after he asked her to help him sleep with propofol.  She says that she warned him of the side effects, such as memory loss, saying what if you forget your lyrics to a song?


He was very adamant about propofol (calling it Diprivan) being the only thing that could help him sleep.  He told her that he understood, but doctors told him that it was safe.  When she asked what doctors told him that, he did not give her an answer, he just tried to assure her that it was safe. 


Lee told Michael she understood his need for sleep, but told him the bottom line was death and that he might not wake up, but he was persistent. 


As testimony went on, Dr. Lee told the jury that Michael had originally agreed to go about this the natural way and they had a plan.  He complained of fatigue in the beginning and she started him on a natural IV, he changed his diet and he was feeling better she said of the first few months treating the king of Pop.


The witness testified to giving Michael something called a Myers cocktail which consist of vitamins to get him to sleep, Jackson said it would not work, but agreed to have it.  Jackson slept for a few hours and woke up to what Lee describes as strange, he stood on the bed when he awoke, saying “I told you I could not sleep all night” and then ran to the bathroom.  Lee says that she saw rapid eye movement as he was sleeping, but Michael was still agitated once he woke up.   Jackson escorted her out early that morning and she never saw him again, however she did hear from him inadvertently four days before he died, saying that the king of pop sounded frightened and complained of feeling cold on one side and hot on the other.  Lee heard Michael in the background as one of the members of his security team called Lee to get help for him.  Cherilyn was out of town at the time and was not able to see him.  She planned on seeing him again the day he died. 


Lee testified as everyone else has, that Michael was a wonderful father to his children and had a strict regimen for bed times and school work.  Michael told her that he wanted to heal the world with his music the way she does with her practice and she says that he had a heart of forgiveness, which is something she teaches her patients.


The witness could be somewhat long winded at times voicing her opinions, like telling the jury that she was broken hearted when she heard the press saying that Jackson was Dr. shopping, saying that if she was looking for a thorough doctor or dentist she would be Dr. shopping too.


On cross examination the witness was asked if Jackson was happy about the tour, to which she says yes, but when asked, she offers that he was not as jovial when he returned from the “This Is It” press conference in London.  Lee says once home, Jackson was not as happy, seemed pressured and quiet.


Dr. Lee says that his weight was fine from Jan – April of 2009, the months that she treated Michael and she did not see any signs of another Dr. treating him.  When the witness was shown  the most famous picture of the trial, which show a skeletal Jackson, the witness nearly screams In horror, asking if that is Jackson. She says she would have been shocked if he looked like that the last time she saw him. 


Cherilyn says she has no idea what caused Michael to deviate from the holistic plan they had designed for him.  He was feeling good, he changed chefs, he wasn’t drinking red bull as he had been, his diet was better and after a meeting at the house and the press conference, he became agitated and anxious and desperate for sleep. 


Michael trusted the doctors and was told that diprivan/propofol was safe as long as he was monitored.  Michael died of acute propofol intoxication June 25, 2009. 

The plaintiffs’ motion to amend their case was heard this afternoon.  Deborah Chang argued her point unsuccessfully and the plaintiffs’ motion was declined.



Queen of Soul Back At It and Working On New Album

The do right woman is back in stride again after suffering from an undisclosed illness. Aretha says that she is feeling a lot better and actually ready to work on new material.

The queen has canceled a number of shows recently, even a luncheon she was due to appear at and receive an award from Major League Baseball for her contributions to the civil rights movement.  She has not disclosed her recent health issues, however the singer has battled a series of health problems since late 2010. 

Franklin says her treatments are going well and says that after being told of her cat scan results, that it is miraculous. 

Aretha credits her improved health with her faith, eating right and taking better care of herself, which has also lowered her blood pressure. 

We are elated to hear about the Queens improved health and can’t wait to hear what she has in store.