Good Morning Coffee

By: Dana Brenklin

September 18, 2013


Do you drink coffee every morning?  Are you the one who not let a day go by without your morning dose of Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Folgers, etc.,?

Well, that might be a bad habit, very bad habit.  I have always thought of coffee like any other drug, cocaine, cigarettes, alcohol and more.  I may be on to something.  Coffee itself might not be that bad, but most of us don’t just drink coffee.  Most drink coffee with either tons of milk, sugar, cream and/or espresso and more sugary things and that is where a lot of the problem lies. 

Did you know that coffee can cause memory loss and anemia?  A daily dose of this drink can lead to a stiffening of arterial walls and aggravate pre-existing condtions, such as migraines and sleep disturbances.  You hear people all the time complaining of not getting enough sleep and headaches.  Well, how much coffee you are drinking may have something to do with it. 

We all know that coffee is loaded with caffeine and people with pre-existing anxiety disorders should definitely stay clear of coffee.

Research also says that some regular coffee drinkers that drink in moderation experience some amount of depression and fatigue when discontinuing their consumption of the drink.  However, it has been better documented in heavy drinkers.

At least 15% of Americans have stopped drinking coffee altogether, citing concerns about their health and complaints of the side effects.

Americans should really being drinking water in my opinion.  Go natural if you need a boost or better yet, go to bed at a decent time and you won’t have the need for something to keep you awake during the day.  I can hear you already, my life is too hectic or my spouse or my children, this, that or the other.  What we all need to do is put together a better schedule and adhere to it and maybe then we can become the healthy and happy people a lot of us would like to become.  I hear people all day long saying they don’t have enough energy and they didnt get enough sleep the night before and most of the time these are heavy coffee drinkers that are saying this.

The people doing the juicing, eating live food and drinking water are usually feeling great, they are bouncy and they are happy.  Now, let’s be real, they are not happy all the time, they aren’t skipping to work, but these people usually feel and look a lot better than those of us drinking coffee, eating dairy and meat, although the dairy and meat is a blog for another day. 

Another point, if you didn’t know,if you have acid reflux or an associated disease, coffee is not the drink for you.  Coffee only makes this problem worse.  

I know some of you are thinking coffee helps my headaches.  Yes, caffeine does alleviate headaches, but chronic caffeine use and withdrawals can cause headaches as well, so be careful. 

Bottom line is if you are drinking coffee daily to stay awake, try and get to bed earlier or try changing your diet.  Coffee is an artificial stimulant.  Try drinking more water and eating live food, along with exercise.  I’m sure your health and outlook on life will change too.

That is all I have for today.  Peace, blessings, happy and healthy living.  db