Jackson Verdict Watch: Could This Verdict change The Music Industry As We Know It?


By: Dana Brenklin

September 29, 2013


Friday was the second day of deliberations in the Jackson wrongful death trial and the first full day of deliberations.  As we sat in the courtroom that had been filled with testimony, tears and even laughter at times, waiting to hear buzzes, we were told that in a civil trial there would be one buzz for small things and two buzzes for the verdict. 


In a criminal trial, such as Dr. Conrad Murray’s (the man convicted of killing Michael Jackson), there were three buzzes that everyone waited for and ultimately heard.  We did hear one buzz and we were told that one the jurors or maybe all, wanted a soda, now that may not be your drink of preference, but in a case like this one, I’m sure everyone was thinking, get that juror whatever he or she wants, fast.


This week started closing arguments in the Jackson trial.  As the plaintiff’s attorney started out Tuesday morning, everyone thought maybe Brian Panish was a little too mellow as he gave his closing, but after Wednesday, you realize Panish was just setting the defense up for his comeback Thursday. 


Panish was much more, shall we say, himself Thursday morning.  His rebuttal was strong, sincere and passionate.  There is no way that the jury will forget his delivery going into deliberations.


Panish acknowledged parts of Putnam’s delivery, saying that he made things up, “Poof” he said, “I just made it up”, as he showed the jury the evidence that was not made up. But was right in front of them and had been put into evidence earlier.


He told the jury that AEG did not care about Michael Jackson, but only cared about putting on a concert as Putnam told them that they only wanted to put on a concert.


Friday morning, as we arrived for verdict watch 2013, we see plaintiff’s counsel Kevin Boyle in the hallway and watched the jury arrive to the courtroom full of life and laughter as they get ready to make one of the biggest decisions in history, the decision that some pray will change concert promoters’ ways, as everyone familiar with the music industry knows that concert and club promoters have always had a bad name and have been known to bully artists and they’ve had this reputation for decades. 


We shall see.  Will AEG Live be made an example out of?  Will concert promoters change their ways and will Katherine Jackson be the new billionaire in town and receive justice for the death of her son, the king of pop Michael Jackson.  Nine out of 12 people will make that fateful decision soon. 


The alternates are seen walking through the hallway, just waiting around in case of an emergency and happy to do their civil duty. 


So much has happened during this trial.  Paris Jackson, the only daughter of the famous pop star tried to harm herself, obviously still missing her father, jurors were tampered with, fans accused AEG Live attorney Sabrina Strong of making faces and communicating with a juror and more.


Think about it, a lot can happen in five months, that is almost half a year.  Pregnant women have a full human being inside of them in that length of time, you are also closer to another birthday in the course of five months.  This has been a really long time and a lot of important things have taken place since the start of this trial, whether we missed them or not.


We will see through the eyes of nine people we didn’t know last year, what they saw during this trial and how they understood it to be in very short order and we will find out how this decision will shape the music business in the future. 


Some say Michael deserves justice and he earned that money, his family deserves it.  Some say that his mother is greedy and she shouldn’t be there.  Ask yourself this, if it was your child, king, queen or homeless, what would you do and how much would you ask for?  While you’re talking to yourself, ask yourself, even after justice is served and things change, will that bring your child back? 


There will never be another Michael Jackson, but he sure left a mark on the music industry, the legal system and maybe more.  This case will more than likely go down in history.  Law students will study this case and question conflicts of interest, musicians will study his work and others may study his work ethics and just him as a human being. 


There will never another one. 


He moonwalked, he sang, danced, won awards, gave to the needy, he suffered, loved people, people talked about him, they locked him up and they are still doing the same things, even in death.  People are praising him, talking about him, making fun of him, taking up for him and will more than likely be doing the same thing for years to come.  The only other name that I can think of that causes so much togetherness, division, controversy, happiness and excitement and talk is Jesus.  I am not saying he is Jesus, but even presidents, kings, queens, Buddah, none of them cause so much anger, passion and conversation as the name Michael Jackson does. 


Make no mistake about it, Michael Jackson is the king of pop and will be forever, but he isn’t the biggest name just because he sang and danced, he is so big because he touched people, he gave, he helped and he loved and made others want to do the same.  He wasn’t a jerk, a womanizer or hard to get along with, maybe that is part of the reason people bullied him and referred to him as a freak, they didn’t understand why he didn’t have that superstar attitude, but instead was


No one else would’ve have been able to stand the abuse, on one else is going to garner that much attention.  It was like time stood still for 50 years of this phenomenon joining us on the earth and now time is moving.  I know he and his brothers wrote and sang a song “Time Waits For No One”, but it did, just a little, we were all waiting and enjoying sharing this planet with this guy and now he is gone and he is still fighting the haters in death


Will it ever end?  I doubt it.  They will never stop talking, making fun and some will always take up and fight for him, even after the trials and news reporters stop, there will be some lonely kid on a playground 40 years from now standing up for the man, son, father, brother, uncle, friend and cultural phenomenon known to the world as Michael Jackson, the king of pop.