21 Year Old Transgender Woman Murdered in Harlem

It kills me that America has come so far nearly 50 years after the March On Washington, but still has so far to go. What exactly am I talking about? What happened now? Well, thanks to for shining the light on this woman, I now know that Bradley Chelsea Manning was not the only transgender woman killed this week. An African American transgender woman was attacked and murdered in Harlem this week as well.

21 year old Islan Nettles was savagely beaten this week after walking with friends Saturday Night. The group was attacked after a group of men shouted homophobic slurs at them. Nettles was taken off of life support and declared brain dead due to her injuries yesterday. Nettles was planning on entering into the fashion industry, saying that fashion became her life after exhibiting her original work in the 11th grade.

A 20 year old unidentified man has been charged in connection with the attack and Friday police say they expect to upgrade the misdemeanor assault charges.

Farewell To A Legend

I saw George Duke a few years ago at either the Greek or the Hollywood Bowl in Southern California.  I know it was outdoors, the weather was pleasant and the crowd was already having a blast and then he came out and rocked the place.  His more upbeat tracks were fun and funky and his slower tracks were sexy and sensuous, with George literally tickling the ivories.  The legend was funny, extremely talented and had a great rapport with the audience.  We were in a musical trance, from the time he stepped on the stage until the legend made his exit that night.  There is no “rhyme or reason” for his early departure, but I’ll say this to you Duke, we will be “Missing You” and your “Dukey Stick”, but now you are home with your one and only “Sweet Baby”.  You did “Reach For It” and now you have made your “Transition”, yes, we are “Trippin”, but at the same time bid you “Happy Trails”.  R.I.P. George Duke.

Join family and friends as they lay the legendary pianist George Duke to rest tomorrow at 2:00pm PST at


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