Hannah Thomas is coming out country


Hannah Thomas, the queer, rockin’ country singer-songwriter is on the rise. Having shared the stage with stars like Amy Ray and Jen Foster, Hannah’s energetic presence and bluesy songwriting has her new EP, “Goodbye on Wasted Time,” getting rave reviews. She caught up with’s Dana Brenklin to talk about her new tunes, a big tour and coming out in the country music scene.

Your new EP “Goodbye on Wasted Time” is great. How would you say it differs from your previous work?

It comes from a more honest place. When I stopped worrying about how to market the music, and started making music that I would like to listen to myself everything changed. Writing without a filter gave me a much broader canvas that allowed me to really open up as a songwriter. I feel like I found my voice.

You’ve got quite a few tour dates lined up. Is there any show you’re particularly excited about?

I am excited about all the shows, but September has some really great things happening for me. I will be opening a couple of shows for the , Girls in the Midwest, as well as playing at Sweet’s Playa Del Carmen resort (which will be my first international show)!
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