Jackson Wrongful Death Verdict


By Dana Brenklin

October 2, 2013


Mrs. Jackson was seen in the hallway with nephew-in law Trent Jackson early Wednesday morning toying with her ipad as she waited for the jury to reach a verdict in the wrongful death lawsuit of her son Michael Jackson. 


Fans greeted her as more and more people showed up thinking there would be a verdict.  When plaintiff’s counsel was asked why she was here and if she was here for other business in the building he said no she just wanted to be here and show her presence.


One had to believe that divine intervention played a part as she had not been present on any of the other two days of deliberations. 


The jury says that they have reached a verdict at around 2:00pm and everyone has until 3:30pm to return to hear what they have to say. 


People are seen running and fans and attorneys alike are rightfully nervous.  Once everyone returns to hear the verdict reached in less than a week for a trial that lasted 5 months, we hear what we have all been waiting for, well some of us. 


The jury had to answer yes to five questions to rule in favor of Mrs. Jackson and her three grandchildren, a no would stop deliberations and the plaintiffs would not get anything. 


The jury is asked what they answered to question number one, “Did AEG Live hire Conrad Murray”, the man convicted of killing Michael Jackson, they said “yes”.  The second question is “Was Dr. Conrad Murray unfit or incompetent to perform the work for which he was hired?” and the answer was “no” and the audience is shocked. 


This answer means that Mrs. Jackson and her three grandchildren will not be awarded any money and AEG is not liable.  The next three questions were, “Did AEG Live know or should it have known that Dr. Conrad Murray was unfit or incompetent and that this unfitness or incompetence created a particular risk to others?”


Question No. 4 “Did Dr. Conrad Murray’s unfitness or incompetence harm Michael Jackson and the Jackson plaintiffs?”


Question No. 5 “Was AEG Live’s negligence in hiring, supervising, or retaining Dr. Conrad Murray a substantial factor in causing Michael Jackson and the Jackson plaintiff’s harm?”


The plaintiff’s counsel Brian Panish was not present during the verdict.  After months of revealing AEG Live’s secrets, passionate testimony and press conferences after trial, Panish is absent.  Did he know?  Was he upset?  No one knows. 


Fans cried, and Mrs. Jackson was seen leaving the courtroom with somewhat of smile, gracious and polite


Jurors and attorneys spoke to the press after the verdict was given.  AEG attorneys were all smiles, while plaintiff’s counsel left for the day with one, Michael Koskoff saying he had seen better days. 


One juror told the press that Michael was a big superstar and was not used to people saying no.


The jury has spoken.  Some say justice was served, some say Mrs. Jackson got the answers she was looking for and some say she has closure now.  Is there any closure when it comes to losing a child? 


In less than a month Conrad Murray will be home with his family, AEG Live executives, employees and attorneys will be home relaxing with their children, while three children will remain fatherless for the rest of their lives.  Are these two men, Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray the only ones at fault?  Was justice served today? 

By Dana Brenklin