Michael Jackson: 1958 – Wrongful Death Trial of 2013



By: Dana Brenklin

September 23, 2013


Michael Jackson is the most popular name in the world after Jesus and he is also the most successful singer and entertainer of all time as the Guinness Book of World Records has reported.  He began singing almost as soon as he was born, starting before he had been on the planet a full decade. 


Most of us have a dream to do something throughout elementary school and junior high and if we are lucky we start preparing to accomplish it during high school, maybe college.  Michael started as soon as he opened his mouth and even knew that he wanted to be the world’s greatest entertainer in kindergarten or first grade.


It was like this guy was ordained or touch by God with the gift to sing, dance, write music and just to entertain the masses and on top of that everyone that knew him or ever got to meet him say he was caring and loving.  Let’s face it, if someone asked 100 people about us, I’m sure not all of them would say the same thing.  Depending on what day they met us some of us would get a variety of opinions.  Not Jackson, everyone says the same thing.  Great guy, awesome work ethic and great father.    He had a heart for the people.  He hasn’t only made the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most successful entertainer but also for helping people and giving to charity. 


Over the years he sang with his brothers and he was a solo act.  He tried to change the game with this first adult solo album “Off The Wall”.  Actually, he did.  He didn’t accomplish what he set out to accomplish, which was for it to be the biggest selling album of all time, but he did change the face and sound of traditional R&B music.


Next came the “not” album, but in Snoop Dogg’s words, the movement “Thriller” and since Jackson’s death, I have come to see that the album was not only the biggest Selling album of all time and still is today, selling 109 million copies date, but it really was a movement and unlike, civil rights, black panthers, Women’s lib, the movement is still going strong today, with people gathering every year to dance the “Thriller” dance for his birthday and for “Thrill The World Day”. 


No other artist has ever put an album out and 30 years later, people are still dancing to it, imitating the moves of the artist all around the world.  No other album that I know makes people congregate and dress up as the artist and go out and dance.


Jackson not only changed the music industry forever, he changed the world.  Michael made people want to be better, made people reach for their dreams and want to change for the better. 


This man’s popularity grew larger and larger over the years, not even taking a real dive during his infamous child molestation trial, which he was found not guilty and acquitted. 



Even in later years faithful fans continue to follow him around, dance his dances and everything else Michael, which is called Michaeling by his adoring fans and of course with his untimely demise that even spiked.  There was no stopping him it seemed.


June of 2009 Michael died of acute propofol intoxication to most of the public’s surprise.  What the public didn’t know was that Michael Jackson suffered enormous pain and a life altering fight for sleep through most of his life.  The Public knew of his fight with prescription medicine, well they knew what he told them, but didn’t really know and definitely didn’t know what caused it.  Because of the pain he suffered from the burn during the Pepsi Commercial Michael developed a problem with pain killers.  The public did not see his death coming and people speculated all sorts of things, from conspiracies, to he’s still alive, to him using drugs, but his mother did not.  Mrs. Jackson immediately went to work.  Conrad Murray was first charged and found guilty of manslaughter and afterward, the 83 year old matriarch took the concert promoters of “This Is It” AEG Live, the second biggest concert promoting company around, to trial and her attorneys have done a fine job representing her and answering some of the questions she’s been dying to know the answers to along the way, as she has said her reason for bringing this lawsuit was just to find out what really happened to her son. 


After 4 years, 3 months, two trials, one lasting 5 months, it looks like nearly everyone involved in the king of pop’s death may finally be held accountable.


Everyone who testified in the trial from friends, to colleagues, to family, all said that Michael was a beautiful human being, a hard worker and a great father, who suffered from pain and lack of sleep and the general consensus was that the concert promoters didn’t care about any of this, just as long as he got on stage.  Most testified to Michael not looking well during the last months of his life, some even saying he was dying, but AEG Live doesn’t want to have anything to do with that.  They argue that Murray was his doctor and they knew nothing, while at the same time they have a contract with “HIS” doctor and information saying that Murray was working with AEG Live executive Randy Phillips, but there defense lawyers say they knew nothing and are not responsible


Well, jury instructions were handed out today and we will soon find out if the jury thinks that AEG Live negligently hired or retained Conrad Murray and were ultimately somewhat responsible for the death of the king of pop. 


Once the judge enters the courtroom she tells the jury that they can find Michael Jackson entirely responsible for his death, they can find AEG totally responsible or they can find both are at fault.  The jury is allowed to find that AEG hired the doctor, Michael hired him or they both hired him. 


The jury is to look at all of the evidence and nothing that happened outside of the trial.  You get a feel that the plaintiffs are very confident.  Plaintiff’s counsel Kevin Boyle gave a politically correct answer today when asked if he was confident that the jury would rule in their favor, he said he is confident they will rule truthfully. 


After a life of giving and sacrificing there is no doubt that Michael Jackson suffered and died too soon and after almost half of year of testimony, a jury will decide if concert promoters AEG Live LLC, had anything to do with the early demise of the King of Pop, who is also affectionately called king of hearts by some loyal fans. 


Closing arguments being tomorrow. 



By Dana Brenklin