The Big Cheese Backs Down: AEG Live Attorneys will Not Call Mrs. Jackson Back To The Stand


By Dana Brenklin

September 17, 2013

AEG Live attorneys have changed their mind about calling Jackson Matriarch back to the stand Wednesday.  Instead, they will be playing a portion of Prince Jackson’s video deposition before resting this week.

Court has not been in session for the last week due to a juror having a family emergency.  Closing arguments are expected as early as next week.

Last week in court, out of the presence of the jury, the judge in the case warned AEG Live Attorney Marvin Putnam against calling Mrs. Jackson and Jackson’s attorney said their reason for calling her back was to show greed.  The judge said that relatives in a wrongful death lawsuit will tell you that no amount of money will take the place of their loved one.

Putnam has referred to a statement of damages letter multiple times, but the judge ordered him not to ask the king of pop’s mother about that letter.

Plaintiff’s Deborah Chang said in court last week that it was very difficult assessing how much money Michael Jackson would have made had he not been given a fatal dose of propofol by Dr. Conrad Murray June of 2009.

The defense will rest their case Wednesday and plaintiff’s will call at least five rebuttal witnesses.