Katherine Jackson To Be Called Back To Testify

Debbie Rowe

By: Dana Brenklin

September 11, 2013

Although the jury was not present today and hasn’t been all week as one of them has had a family emergency, there were still fireworks in the case of Jackson VS AEG Live in a downtown courtroom today.  Very few members of the media were present, but attorneys fighting for AEG and Mrs Jackson were ready to rumble when court began today.

They argued several motions Monday and said they would not convene until today.  As the day started off Superior court Judge Yvette Palazuelos called off all of the issues that were to be discussed in this 5 month long trial that is very close to ending. 

The lawyers started with damages and how to award damages, who was at fault and more.  Defense’s Marvin Putnam said he will question Mrs. Jackson about the ridiculous amount of damages she wants the jury to award if they find AEG at fault, against the judges’ best advice.  The Judge says he can question her, but he is not to refer to a statement of damages letter sent to him by Mrs. Jackson’s attorney.

Plaintiff’s Deborah Chang said it was very difficult assessing what Michael Jackson would have made had he not died in June of 2009.  When discussing the non economic damages Chang spoke of Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter who attempted suicide earlier this year and said the damages could be enormous given what happened to Paris.

Katherine Jackson testified earlier this year, saying she wanted to know what really happened to her son.  Mrs. Jackson will be the final witness in the defense’s case. 

The defense still plans to rest their case next week.  Plaintiff’s counsel plans to call at least 5 rebuttal witnesses.  Closing arguments are expected as early as next week.

If AEG is found liable the jury could award damages based on money that Michael would have made and based on the children and Mrs. Jackson’s loss of support. 

The trial continues.


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