Judge Dismisses Two AEG Live Executives In Jackson Lawsuit

By: Dana Brenklin

Sept 9, 2013

Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos dismissed AEG executives Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware from a negligence lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson, mother of pop star Michael Jackson, however she has allowed the case against AEG Live, LLC to continue on its course.

The Los Angeles judge said that plaintiffs had not shown enough evidence to say that two executives Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware were responsible for Michael Jackson’s death.  The jury will decide whether or not AEG Live hired Dr. Conrad Murray, who is currently serving a four year manslaughter sentence for giving the pop star a lethal dose of the anesthetic Propofol.

With two of the defendants out and the main party still in, this could make deliberations a lot easier for the jury.

Plaintiff’s attorneys have blamed Phillips and Gongaware for the last 5 months of ignoring signs and red flags of Michael Jackson’s failing health.  AEG attorneys deny any wrong doings.

AEG Live attorneys argued this morning that Katherine Jackson’s lawyers have not proven their case, with defense’s Marvin Putnam saying that it would be inappropriate to hand this over to a jury.

The lawsuit will continue against AEG Live, LLC and the defense still plans to rest next week.  Mrs. Jackson’s lawyers say they have at least 5 rebuttal witnesses.

This may or may not be the end of Randy Phillips’ and Paul Gongaware’s troubles.  If Mrs. Jackson wins her lawsuit, depending on how much money is dished out, Anschutz Entertainment Group’s Phillip Anschutz could go after the very two who were dropped from the lawsuit today.  They are by no means in the clear.

On another note, jurors are not expected back until next Monday.  Due to a family emergency with one of the jurors.  There will be no testimony this week and both parties will work on witness scheduling, motions and arguments this week.  Defense’s Putnam says they may call Katherine Jackson back to the stand next week.

Closing arguments are expected next week.  The trial continues.