NBA Star Lamar Odom Arrested For DUI

By: Dana Brenklin


Early Friday morning, the 2011 sixth man of the year award winner Lamar Odom was pulled over by the California highway patrol for driving to slow on the 101 Freeway.

Lamar initially ignored CHP, driving past three exits before coming to a stop.  Once pulled over cigarettes and cologne were found in the white Mercedes SUV, but no alcohol or drugs.

Police say that Lamar smelled of alcohol and looked to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs.  Odom was said to be driving in a “serpentine manner” and was only driving at a speed of 50 mph.

Lamar failed numerous field sobriety tests and once booked refused to undergo all chemical tests.

Lamar and wife Khloe Kardashian have been in the news lately with reports of a divorce on the horizon and speculation of Odom using drugs.

A source close to the family say that the couple has never talked to a divorce attorney, he was never missing, and “right now the family is focused on getting Lamar better”.

Thoughts and prayers going out to Lamar and family.