The rest is herstory: The rise of filmmaker Rolla Selbak

Rolla Selbak is a filmmaker, writer, director, edtior and mentor. Her project, “Kiss Her I’m Famous,” featuring Tracy Ryerson and Ilea Matthews focuses on two BFFs, one fake celebrity sex tape and the quest for success (maybe, in all the wrong places). Rolla caught up with us to talk creative processes, current projects and secret pleasures.


How old were you when you started writing? What got you started?
I officially started screenwriting while I was getting my Computer Science degree in college, though I’ve always had affinity for making films. When I was younger, I used to dress up my little siblings in outfits and make all sorts of ridiculous ‘art’ using my huge, VHS recorder at the time.

Something about movies just completely enthralled me. I would get lost in the stories, and the characters especially. My dream was to be able to create the thing that I loved most. So, here I am.

Funnily enough, when I was in middle school, my teachers would give me very mediocre grades on my writing. Maybe because of the stringent British school rules I had to conform to, or who knows what, but for the longest time, I thought I was a failure at writing.

I made my first short film when I was 12, ironically titled “Never Give Up,” and the rest is herstory.  Read more here:

By Dana Brenklin