I Am Always To Blame

There is a friend of mine, actually she is more than a friend, she is a family member and I am always to blame.  Whatever I say, even in fun, if it is about her and it sounds negative, it is turned around to blame me. 


If I a make an observation and it makes her look bad or she even thinks it makes her look bad, it is turned around and blamed on me. 

Her appetite is bigger than mine, “I ate all of my food”, since when do people who aren’t skinny compete to have the best appetite?

“I didn’t do that when I was younger?”  It’s so funny that this person will tear me down every chance they get in a subtle way, but turn around and try to lift me up later, but the damage is already done. 


According to you, I don’t do anything right, if you could you would run my life, (wow, we see what a great job you did with yours), actually she did great with hers, accomplishing everything she set out to. 


It is just mind boggling that everything I do is so wrong and everything she does is so right, yet everything I do is so right.  You’re saying wtf?  Yes.  That is what I just said.  When I am working on making my dreams come true, I get pushed and pushed, “go baby, go, you’re doing great”, but other times, it’s all my fault, I messed up, not in so many words, but that is what it means.  It is really confusing, to the point that I think the person doing all of this is confused and maybe not sure how they feel about me, most people aren’t.


Maybe that is it.  Maybe this person needs to figure out where I stand in their life, because clearly there are some inconsistencies going on here.