Today’s Thoughts

Right now I am supposed to be putting together another radio show, but instead I am soliciting websites to write CD reviews and interviews for.  I just received an email from a company that wants me to run their sound at different events.  I am excited about that.  


This is the life I left my driving career for and it is slowly, but surely coming together.  I have always thought of myself as sort of a Renaissance woman, you know, jack of all trades type of girl, at least when it came to the arts.  I sing, write, play a little bit of piano, I am a sound engineer and I act. 


I feel good today, somewhat.  I will never be ecstatic until I am exactly where I want to be in life and knowing me, I still won’t be satisfied.  This is not my only website, so if you really want to know about me, check out


This website is to focus on my passion for smooth jazz, art, news and events in and around southern California.  I will also take you with me as I journey through this place called earth.  Thanks for reading.  Peace and blessings to you.  db