I love jazz and wanted to share my love of music, arts, news, talk and other things with people, so I started this blog.  Another reason why I started this blog is because in the past I had a very hard time understanding WordPress and I never let anything get the best of me, so tonight I thought I would give it another try and besides not being able to load the music player widget, all has been fine.


I can’t wait to look around and enjoy all that everyone has to offer.  I promise that I won’t let this blog fall by the wayside like my blogger account.  I promise to post my news articles, my reviews and thoughts on things going on in the world on this blog. 


I am terrible sometimes.  I create these blogs because I love to write and I am very opinionated, but I get busy and forget about them or I become too passionate about a subject and get my thoughts together and just say “the hell with it.”  I will not do that this time. 


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By Dana Brenklin