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Something I thought of. I hope it touches and helps someone today.

I know partners of people who are famous and haven’t come out yet know what they have gotten themselves into and they are okay with not being recognized, or so they say. I just watched an acceptance speech given by Robin Roberts from maybe last year sometime.

As she spoke, she spoke of her Christian, biological sister, whom I believe is a great example of what a Christian should be, she loves her sister no matter what, she spoke of her daughter (I think she said), her GMA family, her ESPN family, as she used to work for ESPN and she never spoke of her long time girlfriend who we all know to be Amber Laign now. I watched her and that had to hurt both of them to live in a society that would allow her to speak to America as an African American and a woman, but not as a lesbian African American woman. Her girlfriend smiled and she smiled, while no one watching knew who the lady sitting between her family members was. So Robin was only allowed to be half of what she really is. That means we are still where we were decades ago when African Americans were not considered whole human beings.

What kind of world is it when only a certain group of people can acknowledge their loved one, only a certain group can marry, divorce, commit adultery? What kind of world is it when only one group of people are made to feel safe to hug and kiss in public, hold hands, walk down the street and more?

I will tell you. It is a world that was on the wrong side of history. The fact that America is changing and people like Robin Roberts, Anderson Cooper and more are opening doors for others is awesome.

It is a world that is trying to right it’s wrong. You can have an opinion, as we all do, but to try and stymie the progress is just wrong and ignorant. Progress and opened doors never hurt anyone and never will. Two law abiding, consenting adults in a relationship is not a threat to anything or anyone in society.

Corretta Scott King said once “Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood,” King stated. “This sets the stage for further repression and violence that spread all too easily to victimize the next minority group.” – Chicago Defender, April 1, 1998, front page.


Found: A planet with no star, free-floating in space

The free-floating planet is just 80 light-years from Earth and about six times the size of Jupiter.

It is young – about 12 million years old. And unlike any other planet that has ever been discovered, it is not in orbit around a host star.

“This thing is floating in space like our sun floats in space,” said Eugene Magnier of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, coauthor of a study about the lonely planet. “It is drifting around through the galaxy.”

Astronomers are not yet sure how this rogue planet came to be out there in space, all by itself. One theory is that it formed from a clump of hydrogen gas that condensed. Another, less likely thought is that it started its life in the vicinity of a star and got bumped out of its orbit.  Read more here: latimes

Jackson Wrongful Death Verdict


By Dana Brenklin

October 2, 2013


Mrs. Jackson was seen in the hallway with nephew-in law Trent Jackson early Wednesday morning toying with her ipad as she waited for the jury to reach a verdict in the wrongful death lawsuit of her son Michael Jackson. 


Fans greeted her as more and more people showed up thinking there would be a verdict.  When plaintiff’s counsel was asked why she was here and if she was here for other business in the building he said no she just wanted to be here and show her presence.


One had to believe that divine intervention played a part as she had not been present on any of the other two days of deliberations. 


The jury says that they have reached a verdict at around 2:00pm and everyone has until 3:30pm to return to hear what they have to say. 


People are seen running and fans and attorneys alike are rightfully nervous.  Once everyone returns to hear the verdict reached in less than a week for a trial that lasted 5 months, we hear what we have all been waiting for, well some of us. 


The jury had to answer yes to five questions to rule in favor of Mrs. Jackson and her three grandchildren, a no would stop deliberations and the plaintiffs would not get anything. 


The jury is asked what they answered to question number one, “Did AEG Live hire Conrad Murray”, the man convicted of killing Michael Jackson, they said “yes”.  The second question is “Was Dr. Conrad Murray unfit or incompetent to perform the work for which he was hired?” and the answer was “no” and the audience is shocked. 


This answer means that Mrs. Jackson and her three grandchildren will not be awarded any money and AEG is not liable.  The next three questions were, “Did AEG Live know or should it have known that Dr. Conrad Murray was unfit or incompetent and that this unfitness or incompetence created a particular risk to others?”


Question No. 4 “Did Dr. Conrad Murray’s unfitness or incompetence harm Michael Jackson and the Jackson plaintiffs?”


Question No. 5 “Was AEG Live’s negligence in hiring, supervising, or retaining Dr. Conrad Murray a substantial factor in causing Michael Jackson and the Jackson plaintiff’s harm?”


The plaintiff’s counsel Brian Panish was not present during the verdict.  After months of revealing AEG Live’s secrets, passionate testimony and press conferences after trial, Panish is absent.  Did he know?  Was he upset?  No one knows. 


Fans cried, and Mrs. Jackson was seen leaving the courtroom with somewhat of smile, gracious and polite


Jurors and attorneys spoke to the press after the verdict was given.  AEG attorneys were all smiles, while plaintiff’s counsel left for the day with one, Michael Koskoff saying he had seen better days. 


One juror told the press that Michael was a big superstar and was not used to people saying no.


The jury has spoken.  Some say justice was served, some say Mrs. Jackson got the answers she was looking for and some say she has closure now.  Is there any closure when it comes to losing a child? 


In less than a month Conrad Murray will be home with his family, AEG Live executives, employees and attorneys will be home relaxing with their children, while three children will remain fatherless for the rest of their lives.  Are these two men, Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray the only ones at fault?  Was justice served today? 

By Dana Brenklin

Jackson Verdict Watch: Could This Verdict change The Music Industry As We Know It?


By: Dana Brenklin

September 29, 2013


Friday was the second day of deliberations in the Jackson wrongful death trial and the first full day of deliberations.  As we sat in the courtroom that had been filled with testimony, tears and even laughter at times, waiting to hear buzzes, we were told that in a civil trial there would be one buzz for small things and two buzzes for the verdict. 


In a criminal trial, such as Dr. Conrad Murray’s (the man convicted of killing Michael Jackson), there were three buzzes that everyone waited for and ultimately heard.  We did hear one buzz and we were told that one the jurors or maybe all, wanted a soda, now that may not be your drink of preference, but in a case like this one, I’m sure everyone was thinking, get that juror whatever he or she wants, fast.


This week started closing arguments in the Jackson trial.  As the plaintiff’s attorney started out Tuesday morning, everyone thought maybe Brian Panish was a little too mellow as he gave his closing, but after Wednesday, you realize Panish was just setting the defense up for his comeback Thursday. 


Panish was much more, shall we say, himself Thursday morning.  His rebuttal was strong, sincere and passionate.  There is no way that the jury will forget his delivery going into deliberations.


Panish acknowledged parts of Putnam’s delivery, saying that he made things up, “Poof” he said, “I just made it up”, as he showed the jury the evidence that was not made up. But was right in front of them and had been put into evidence earlier.


He told the jury that AEG did not care about Michael Jackson, but only cared about putting on a concert as Putnam told them that they only wanted to put on a concert.


Friday morning, as we arrived for verdict watch 2013, we see plaintiff’s counsel Kevin Boyle in the hallway and watched the jury arrive to the courtroom full of life and laughter as they get ready to make one of the biggest decisions in history, the decision that some pray will change concert promoters’ ways, as everyone familiar with the music industry knows that concert and club promoters have always had a bad name and have been known to bully artists and they’ve had this reputation for decades. 


We shall see.  Will AEG Live be made an example out of?  Will concert promoters change their ways and will Katherine Jackson be the new billionaire in town and receive justice for the death of her son, the king of pop Michael Jackson.  Nine out of 12 people will make that fateful decision soon. 


The alternates are seen walking through the hallway, just waiting around in case of an emergency and happy to do their civil duty. 


So much has happened during this trial.  Paris Jackson, the only daughter of the famous pop star tried to harm herself, obviously still missing her father, jurors were tampered with, fans accused AEG Live attorney Sabrina Strong of making faces and communicating with a juror and more.


Think about it, a lot can happen in five months, that is almost half a year.  Pregnant women have a full human being inside of them in that length of time, you are also closer to another birthday in the course of five months.  This has been a really long time and a lot of important things have taken place since the start of this trial, whether we missed them or not.


We will see through the eyes of nine people we didn’t know last year, what they saw during this trial and how they understood it to be in very short order and we will find out how this decision will shape the music business in the future. 


Some say Michael deserves justice and he earned that money, his family deserves it.  Some say that his mother is greedy and she shouldn’t be there.  Ask yourself this, if it was your child, king, queen or homeless, what would you do and how much would you ask for?  While you’re talking to yourself, ask yourself, even after justice is served and things change, will that bring your child back? 


There will never be another Michael Jackson, but he sure left a mark on the music industry, the legal system and maybe more.  This case will more than likely go down in history.  Law students will study this case and question conflicts of interest, musicians will study his work and others may study his work ethics and just him as a human being. 


There will never another one. 


He moonwalked, he sang, danced, won awards, gave to the needy, he suffered, loved people, people talked about him, they locked him up and they are still doing the same things, even in death.  People are praising him, talking about him, making fun of him, taking up for him and will more than likely be doing the same thing for years to come.  The only other name that I can think of that causes so much togetherness, division, controversy, happiness and excitement and talk is Jesus.  I am not saying he is Jesus, but even presidents, kings, queens, Buddah, none of them cause so much anger, passion and conversation as the name Michael Jackson does. 


Make no mistake about it, Michael Jackson is the king of pop and will be forever, but he isn’t the biggest name just because he sang and danced, he is so big because he touched people, he gave, he helped and he loved and made others want to do the same.  He wasn’t a jerk, a womanizer or hard to get along with, maybe that is part of the reason people bullied him and referred to him as a freak, they didn’t understand why he didn’t have that superstar attitude, but instead was


No one else would’ve have been able to stand the abuse, on one else is going to garner that much attention.  It was like time stood still for 50 years of this phenomenon joining us on the earth and now time is moving.  I know he and his brothers wrote and sang a song “Time Waits For No One”, but it did, just a little, we were all waiting and enjoying sharing this planet with this guy and now he is gone and he is still fighting the haters in death


Will it ever end?  I doubt it.  They will never stop talking, making fun and some will always take up and fight for him, even after the trials and news reporters stop, there will be some lonely kid on a playground 40 years from now standing up for the man, son, father, brother, uncle, friend and cultural phenomenon known to the world as Michael Jackson, the king of pop. 






Jackson Wrongful Death Trial: Deliberations Begin




By: Dana Brenklin

September 26, 2013


After five months of testimony, over 50 witnesses and a countless number of doctors, the fate of Mrs. Jackson, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., Paris Katherine Michael Jackson, Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson and AEG Lives’ Lives lie in the hands of 12 people that no one knew of five months ago. 


Thursday afternoon a Los Angeles Judge gave her final instructions and handed the case over to the jury.


Brian Panish, Katherine Jackson’s lawyer gave his rebuttal to the defense’s final closing arguments before the jury was given the case.  Panish told the jury that Michael was pushed into doing 50 dates for his London comeback tour and that AEG hired Conrad Murray


The king of pop’s mother Katherine Jackson and Michael’s three children are suing AEG Live, arguing that the concert promoters negligently hired, supervised or retained Conrad Murray and are liable in the drug overdose of Michael Jackson.


Murray was convicted in 2011 for the death of Michael Jackson and plaintiff’s Brian Panish says that Michael Jackson paid for his hand in this with his life, Murray paid and AEG doesn’t want to take responsibility for their part. 


Panish responded to Putnam’s closing argument that all AEG “wanted to do was put on a concert”, telling the jury that AEG didn’t care about Michael Jackson, “they are a money making machine” and that is all they wanted to do, put on a concert. 


Mr. Panish responded to Putnam telling the jury to watch “This Is It” by saying, who made the move, AEG.  Panish reminded the jury of the email between two AEG executives, (one of whom is the head counsel for AEG Live) which has one referring to Michael Jackson as a freak and the other saying it was creepy that he was going to meet him the next day, telling them, this is how they refer to people they are going to make millions of dollars off of. 


Mr. Panish showed pictures of three key executives of AEG, who for the most part could not recall and told them not to believe a word they said.  “How dare they come up here and accept no responsibility and blame it all on Michael” Panish said in his rebuttal. 


Panish also said in his rebuttal that they have always accepted their share and that Michael’s share is 20% and that 80% of the blame should belong to AEG Live. 


Mr. Panish said that Michael did have a problem with Demerol and did have a sleep problem and he was charged years ago, but what does that have to do with this trial.  He referred to AEG as big bad AEG and said if I have an army of lawyers, they have the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, referring to Putman’s closing arguments.  Michael Jackson was found not guilty of the crimes he was charged with and acquitted.  


Michael Jackson did use Propofol before 2009, but he didn’t die until Conrad Murray negotiated a contract with AEG Live, Jackson attorney said. 


The case has gone to the jury and they deliberated for two hours Thursday afternoon and will be back for a full day of deliberations Friday Morning at 9:30am. 


Mrs. Jackson was seen greeting fans with hugs, smiles and tears after court.  Rebbie Jackson, Taj Jackson and TJ Jackson were all in attendance. 


If AEG is found liable for the death of the king of pop, Mrs. Jackson and her grandchildren could be awarded as much as 1.5 billion dollars. 




Jackson Wrongful Death Trial: AEG Lawyer’s Closing Arguments

Debbie Rowe

By: Dana Brenklin

September 25, 2013


Wednesday September 25, 2013 was the last time the jury would ever hear from AEG Live attorney Marvin Putnam as he gave his closing arguments defending the Concert Promoters against a lawsuit filed by the king of pop’s mother Mrs. Katherine Jackson


As Putnam took the stand with everyone wondering how he would follow the plaintiff’s closing and with Jackson Matriarch along with eldest daughter Rebbie Jackson and grandsons Taj and TJ looking on, he starts off in the same fashion, thanking the jury and the judge for their time. 


Immediately Mr. Putnam starts in with, in his bedroom behind locked doors the plaintiffs want you to think the concert promoters are at fault.


He says to think about all the things you’ve heard and tells the jury that Michael Jackson had been seeing Dr. Murray for years and he said this repeatedly during his closing.  Michael Jackson saw Murray for about seven years off and on before he died. 


He also tells the jury that Michael Jackson was a grown man several times and that he was responsible for his own health.  He mistakenly says in the beginning that Michael was a grown man about to turn 50, he was actually already 50 and about to turn 51. 


Putnam said that it is a tragedy what happened to Michael Jackson, but it was not AEG’s fault and Michael was playing Russian roulette by taking propofol nightly. 


Putnam told the jury in closing that Jackson did not ask to bring the doctor, he told them he was bringing the doctor on his tour.


Putnam says that Michael Jackson was nearly half a billion dollars in debt and Michael Jackson spent decades doctor shopping for pain killers.  At the beginning of the trial Putnam said he would show deep and ugly secrets of Michael Jackson, but the only thing that really came out that nobody knew of, was that Michael had a legitimate issue with pain and sleep. 


Brian Panish has never said that Michael didn’t have a problem with pain killers or that Jackson searched for something that he thought would help him sleep, so he said yesterday that Michael had some responsibility for his own death, but today AEG’s lead attorney said that Michael Jackson was totally at fault and AEG had nothing to do with his demise and a grown man is responsible for his own health. 


Putnam said that AEG knew nothing that went on behind locked doors of the Carolwood home Michael Jackson was occupying and Michael hired Dr. Conrad Murray a long time ago.


Putnam says that it would have happened with or without AEG, even though Jackson lawyer said yesterday that it never happened before a contract and money was involved.  Jackson lawyer said yesterday that the king of pop had propofol to sleep in Germany years ago and with Dr. Conrad Murray, but he didn’t die until money and a contract was involved. 


AEG’s lawyer told the jury that the damages plaintiffs are seeking is absurd as he went through the jury instructions saying that Panish stopped at number one while telling them everything from 1-5 needs to be answered “no”, which is of course is opposite of the “yes” Panish told them it had to be for their side to win yesterday. 


He says that AEG tried to talk Michael out of bringing the doctor, but he insisted, saying he would not take no for an answer. 


When it came time to deal with the negligence issue, Putnam says that Michael and Conrad Murray were secretive and all AEG knew was that Murray was his longtime doctor. 


Putnam told the jury several times that AEG Live executives could not have known what was going on between the doctor and Michael Jackson behind locked bedroom doors


Putnam says that Murray had several practices, never had a malpractice, and never had a suspension of his license and that Michael trusted him with his ownchildren


AEG’s attorney says that Michael and Murray lied to his clients, saying that Michael was alright.  He also showed the jury Michael rehearsing two nights and one night before he died from the “This Is It” documentary, to which loyal fans say he did not look great and was too thin


Plaintiff’s Brian Panish will have the final word, giving his rebuttal tomorrow.  The jury will be handed a few final instructions and by tomorrow afternoon should be heading to deliberations. 







Jackson Wrongful Death Trial: Who Hired Conrad Murray?




By: Dana Brenklin 

September 24, 2013


On the 85th day of the Jackson wrongful death trial closing arguments begin and at the last minute the judge has allowed cameras inside. 


The jury will be partially sequestered, meaning they will be using private exits and entrances and they will be having lunch away from the general public. 


There have been over 30 witnesses in this five month long trial and today we prepare for a decision.  Did AEG Live hire Conrad Murray?  Did AEG Live fail to supervise Conrad Murray?  Questions that have been asked for 5 months will finally be answered in a matter of days. 


Mrs. Jackson was in attendance along with daughter Rebbie and grandsons Taj and TJ. 


We began promptly at 10:30 am with Jackson lawyer Brian Panish telling the jury and the judge thank you. 


Panish then went into the questions on the verdict form, explaining to the jury what each question meant and how and why they should rule in the plaintiffs favor.  He also told the jury that we will never see the likes of a Michael Jackson again. 


He told them that Michael Jackson’s gift came at a huge price and that the king of pop experienced more pain and abuse than any of us could ever imagine. 


Panish also said in the beginning of his closing arguments that Michael believed in the good of others even though others didn’t believe in him.  “No one was ever attacked more than Michael but he always came back”, he said. 


He explained to the jury each question on the verdict form and showed them why they should answer “yes” to the first five questions, as answering “no” would end deliberations immediately.  If juror get to number six, that means that they have found AEG responsible or at least somewhat at fault and will now have to come up with economic and non-economic damages for his mother and three children.


The first question was “Did AEG Live hire Conrad Murray?”  Which can be answered yes by using the smoking gun email that says “done at 150 K per month” sent by AEG executive Paul Gongaware or could be answered yes by using Murray’s email that says “I am already fully engaged”.  Panish tells the jury that an oral agreement is just as valid as a written agreement and that conduct can be used to say that there was an agreement as well. 


Panish says that AEG assumed responsibility when they brought Murray into this.  He says AEG said the show must go on and Mr. Panish says that is not the right thing to do. 


During the closing Panish reminded the jury of the three executives that did not recall, showing a slide show of executives Paul Gongaware, Phillips and Tim Leiweke not being able to recall or remember a total of 78 times, to which the audience laughed, even Michal’s nephews and Jackson’s lawyer says that that was a blatant disrespect for the law.  The executives who were involved in bringing Conrad Murray on, being asked about emails that they sent, not being to recall is not funny, he said.  


Jackson’s lawyer went over different witness’s testimony and said that AEG was aware of Michael Jackson’s deterioration, saying that Karen Faye, Kenny Ortega and a host of others sounded alarms, bells and whistles, but AEG only wanted the show to go on.


He also posed the question for the jury, if AEG didn’t hire Conrad Murray why did they need a contract with him. 


During closing he explained to the jury economic damages and non-economic damages


If the jury finds AEG hired Conrad Murray they must also find that AEG was negligent in hiring him and that they knew or should have known that Murray was incompetent and unfit for the plaintiffs to win, among other things.


A sort of video time line was shown of Michael Jackson’s life to prove he would have made more money in his life time, which refutes defense’s expert witness who said he would not have made another dime.  Randy Phillips’ sky news interview of him saying “so we hired him” speaking of Dr. Murray was also shown twice. 


You have to wonder how defense’s Marvin Putnam will follow this.  We shall see tomorrow.


Plaintiffs are seeking an unspecified amount of damages, but could be awarded as much as 1 billion dollars. 


Since this is a civil trial only 9 out of 12 jurors have to agree. 


Jackson lawyer ended his closing with beautiful home videos telling the jury not to award in sympathy but in line with the law and that he prays the verdict will be sanctioned by their conscience. 


Defense will close tomorrow and Panish will give his rebuttal Thursday and then, what we’ve all been waiting for, the jury will decide. 





Michael Jackson: 1958 – Wrongful Death Trial of 2013



By: Dana Brenklin

September 23, 2013


Michael Jackson is the most popular name in the world after Jesus and he is also the most successful singer and entertainer of all time as the Guinness Book of World Records has reported.  He began singing almost as soon as he was born, starting before he had been on the planet a full decade. 


Most of us have a dream to do something throughout elementary school and junior high and if we are lucky we start preparing to accomplish it during high school, maybe college.  Michael started as soon as he opened his mouth and even knew that he wanted to be the world’s greatest entertainer in kindergarten or first grade.


It was like this guy was ordained or touch by God with the gift to sing, dance, write music and just to entertain the masses and on top of that everyone that knew him or ever got to meet him say he was caring and loving.  Let’s face it, if someone asked 100 people about us, I’m sure not all of them would say the same thing.  Depending on what day they met us some of us would get a variety of opinions.  Not Jackson, everyone says the same thing.  Great guy, awesome work ethic and great father.    He had a heart for the people.  He hasn’t only made the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most successful entertainer but also for helping people and giving to charity. 


Over the years he sang with his brothers and he was a solo act.  He tried to change the game with this first adult solo album “Off The Wall”.  Actually, he did.  He didn’t accomplish what he set out to accomplish, which was for it to be the biggest selling album of all time, but he did change the face and sound of traditional R&B music.


Next came the “not” album, but in Snoop Dogg’s words, the movement “Thriller” and since Jackson’s death, I have come to see that the album was not only the biggest Selling album of all time and still is today, selling 109 million copies date, but it really was a movement and unlike, civil rights, black panthers, Women’s lib, the movement is still going strong today, with people gathering every year to dance the “Thriller” dance for his birthday and for “Thrill The World Day”. 


No other artist has ever put an album out and 30 years later, people are still dancing to it, imitating the moves of the artist all around the world.  No other album that I know makes people congregate and dress up as the artist and go out and dance.


Jackson not only changed the music industry forever, he changed the world.  Michael made people want to be better, made people reach for their dreams and want to change for the better. 


This man’s popularity grew larger and larger over the years, not even taking a real dive during his infamous child molestation trial, which he was found not guilty and acquitted. 



Even in later years faithful fans continue to follow him around, dance his dances and everything else Michael, which is called Michaeling by his adoring fans and of course with his untimely demise that even spiked.  There was no stopping him it seemed.


June of 2009 Michael died of acute propofol intoxication to most of the public’s surprise.  What the public didn’t know was that Michael Jackson suffered enormous pain and a life altering fight for sleep through most of his life.  The Public knew of his fight with prescription medicine, well they knew what he told them, but didn’t really know and definitely didn’t know what caused it.  Because of the pain he suffered from the burn during the Pepsi Commercial Michael developed a problem with pain killers.  The public did not see his death coming and people speculated all sorts of things, from conspiracies, to he’s still alive, to him using drugs, but his mother did not.  Mrs. Jackson immediately went to work.  Conrad Murray was first charged and found guilty of manslaughter and afterward, the 83 year old matriarch took the concert promoters of “This Is It” AEG Live, the second biggest concert promoting company around, to trial and her attorneys have done a fine job representing her and answering some of the questions she’s been dying to know the answers to along the way, as she has said her reason for bringing this lawsuit was just to find out what really happened to her son. 


After 4 years, 3 months, two trials, one lasting 5 months, it looks like nearly everyone involved in the king of pop’s death may finally be held accountable.


Everyone who testified in the trial from friends, to colleagues, to family, all said that Michael was a beautiful human being, a hard worker and a great father, who suffered from pain and lack of sleep and the general consensus was that the concert promoters didn’t care about any of this, just as long as he got on stage.  Most testified to Michael not looking well during the last months of his life, some even saying he was dying, but AEG Live doesn’t want to have anything to do with that.  They argue that Murray was his doctor and they knew nothing, while at the same time they have a contract with “HIS” doctor and information saying that Murray was working with AEG Live executive Randy Phillips, but there defense lawyers say they knew nothing and are not responsible


Well, jury instructions were handed out today and we will soon find out if the jury thinks that AEG Live negligently hired or retained Conrad Murray and were ultimately somewhat responsible for the death of the king of pop. 


Once the judge enters the courtroom she tells the jury that they can find Michael Jackson entirely responsible for his death, they can find AEG totally responsible or they can find both are at fault.  The jury is allowed to find that AEG hired the doctor, Michael hired him or they both hired him. 


The jury is to look at all of the evidence and nothing that happened outside of the trial.  You get a feel that the plaintiffs are very confident.  Plaintiff’s counsel Kevin Boyle gave a politically correct answer today when asked if he was confident that the jury would rule in their favor, he said he is confident they will rule truthfully. 


After a life of giving and sacrificing there is no doubt that Michael Jackson suffered and died too soon and after almost half of year of testimony, a jury will decide if concert promoters AEG Live LLC, had anything to do with the early demise of the King of Pop, who is also affectionately called king of hearts by some loyal fans. 


Closing arguments being tomorrow. 



By Dana Brenklin